Wagon & Sleigh Rides

An old fashioned horse-drawn wagon ride offers folks an opportunity to enjoy the scenic wooded trails surrounding Boundary Ranch and see our Buffalo herd in their viewing paddock. Boundary Ranch is committed to preserving the Plains Buffalo heritage and educating guests about these magnificent animals that were once plentiful in the Alberta foothills.


The trip takes approximately 20 minutes, with a few pauses for photos when possible. Our team of Draft horses pulls a wagon in the warm weather and a sleigh in the snowy months, each of which accommodate twenty people at a time. This activity makes a great addition to your group gathering or event, is suitable for participants of any age, and is certainly a notable element of the Kananaskis Country experience at any time of year.



*Reservations are required: please book in advance by phone or email. Wagon and sleigh rides are available for private groups.